Malarial Retinopathy Literature Review

malarial retinopathy literature review

The ocular manifestations of severe malaria in patients with cerebral malaria (CM) include retinal whitening, vessel discolouration, retinal haemor- rhages and papilloedema. A large prospective study of Malawian children with CM found that the se- verity of retinal signs, including the number of reti- nal haemorrhages, was. Cerebral malaria (CM) is a life-threatening clinical syndrome associated with malarial infection, that affected over 198 million people in 2013, and claimed the. Through an NIH funded study for Phase I and II, VisionQuests ASPIRE has proven to be an efficient system for detection of malarial retinopathy and staging of. Abstract. Background. In patients with cerebral malaria (CM), retinal angiography allows the study of infected central nervous system microvasculature in vivo. We aimed to examine retinal perfusion in children with CM by use of fluorescein angiography to investigate the pathophysiology of CM. Methods. We performed. Perfusion Abnormalities in Children with Cerebral Malaria and Malarial Retinopathy. Nicholas A. V. Beare, Simon P. Harding, Terrie E. Taylor, Susan Lewallen, Malcolm E. Molyneux.

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Initial review September 23, 2015. Accepted February 13, 2016. Malarial retinopathy includes blurred disc margins, papilledema, retinal hemorrhages. the present study. In children with cerebral malaria, the rates of malarial retinopathy reported in the literature vary from 61-79 2,6, which are much higher than those. Malarial retinopathy. Malarial retinopathy A newly established diagnostic sign in severe malaria. Article Literature Review.