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international development resume writer

Donna Svei, Executive Resume Writer. 2006 Present (12 years). Executive resume, LinkedIn profile, cover letter, and interview coaching services for six, seven, and eight-figure corporate, professional services, and nonprofit executives. Im certified in Korn Ferry, Hogan, and Development Dimensions International. none

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Successful grant writing fundraising totaling 410,000 for nonprofits scholarship funds. Public-private partnership management forged new markets for small businesses, administered US Department of State pilot program, strengthened international entre- preneurship education programs. DEVELOPMENT PLANNER. This article looks into the do and dont of CV and resume writing for the international development sector. Writing a CV is a creative process that helps you untangle your career story and clearly communicate your key achievements, hard and soft skills, and relevant work experience to a potential employer.. I would like to submit my attached resume in consideration of the international development position that is. necessary for writing. Resume. Create your own.